fearless writing™:

a weekend long event with

Crescent Dragonwagon

An immersive, exuberant, non-intimidating experience, Fearless help writers and would-be writers find clarity, hear and write in their own one-of-a-kind authentic voices, and discover their individual next, best steps. It’s practical, effective, creative, serious and playful. It stops creative people from driving with the emergency brake on, and transforms anxiety and confusion into infinitely more useful, interesting states of mind.  

Typically held 4 times a year in different regions, Fearless brings together 12 to 18 students and an approachable, experienced, enthusiastic master-teacher.  Though much published, Crescent Dragonwagon meets each student where she or he is right now. With deep listening, gentle guidance and many simple, experiential writing practices, Fearless turns apparent obstacles into material: for writing, and, indeed, living.

And the students? Would-be, beginning, experienced, and self-perceived “blocked” writers are equally valued and welcomed. This collegial blend is part of what gives Fearless Writing™ its unique power. For even the most experienced, published writer is also a beginner.  As Hemingway said, ‘We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.’ At a Fearless, co-apprentices fall in love with their practice and craft: some for the first time, some for the thousandth. 

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