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I work individually with writers, and those who want to write. I offer:

o       The Clarity Call

o       The One Month Mentoring

o       Three Month Mentoring  Journey

What are these? How do they differ?

You and me? Maybe…

Every writer faces universal challenges; every one of us makes these challenges unique by bringing different resources, fears, aspirations, history, and understanding to them.

The difficulties you face have never been faced by anyone else.

The difficulties you face are also those faced by every writer.

These contradictions,  among others, and the anxieties they provoke, are steep. And these contradictions are why (though most of a writer’s work is done in solitude), to get done what you want to get done and to do it now instead of someday,  you may need to supplement your solitary work. At times, it may be with a small or large group (anything from a critique group to a conference).

At other times, it can be of vast assistance to work one-on-one with a trusted creative Sherpa. Someone who knows these mountains well. Is familiar with the chasms, views, deceptively dangerous spots, and resting places. Who carries good drinking water. Who knows the conditions under which an avalanche is likely, as well as what it will take for you to ascend the peak. Who can discern whether you need strategy, insight, or both.

I might be that someone for you.

Some terrains, after all, can’t be Map-Quested. And in some places, GPS doesn’t work.

no experience necessary; you already have what you need

When is a good time  in your process to work with me?

Perhaps you are at the contemplative phase on a given project, or already deep into it but stuck. Perhaps you “write in your mind,” and always have, but are finding that is no longer enough.

Perhaps you’ve already written a solid first draft, and a second, and a third, but you still feel your book isn’t ready for submission, and you want and need and long for the kind of deeply attentive thoughtfully editing that just isn’t done much anymore.

Or, it might be that your first book has been accepted and you find yourself shockingly clueless about the process that’s unfolding, and you want desperately to talk to someone who has been there.

Perhaps you’ve self-published but… nothing is happening. You want to know how and why — what’s wrong and how to make it right. You want promotional and publicity strategies that lead to outright sales.

Perhaps publishing isn’t your goal at all; you want to write a legacy-memoir for your family alone, answering, for your children and grandchildren, all the questions you wish you’d asked your mother when she was still alive…and you want guidance.

At all these places and many more, I can be your faithful Sherpa and get you to the next level.

how we might work together

I work with individual writers (published and unpublished), and those who want to write, via phone or video-call. Sometimes, depending on the project, we exchange emails; I might give you assignments. Sometimes we do all these things, and we meet together face-to-face occasionally or regularly. Very occasionally, one of us might fly to the other or a one-time day-or-two personal intensive.

The key word is “individual.” We’ll figure out what works best for you, your project, your budget, and our respective schedules.

All requests for mentoring begin with your answering a few questions, on  a simple questionnaire. Sometimes merely answering these gives you enough to continue on your own. But in any case, it gives Crescent an idea of the issues on your mind, the better for her to prepare and gather resources for you (even if she feels the fit with her would not be appropriate).

o         The Clarity Call: a one-time call in which you, with me, will get clear on what’s holding you back (it’s probably not what you think it is) and where you want to go. In some cases, we will develop the outlines of a specific plan to get there; in others, the insight will be all you need to rev the accelerator and let ‘er rip. A Clarity Call is always the first step of mentoring with Crescent.

The Clarity Call
The Clarity Call
A one on one, forty-five minute clarity call with Crescent Dragonwagon. This call may be independent, or may be part of a series of calls that are desired after the first call. (package prices will support you in a cluster of calls or a set range of time periods)

One to Three Month Mentoring Journey: a call every other week, plus a weekly email, and an optional deeply attentive critique/line-edit of up to 20 pages of your work. If you’re having trouble getting started or are stuck in the middle (or can’t come to an end), first we’ll take  apart the portions of your writing, thinking about writing, work time and environment, and planning that are habitually unproductive.  We’ll counter these, creating a personal action plan that will leave you purringly productive and offer real-time strategic solutions, empowering you to weather the inevitable setbacks. And, in reading your 20 pages, I’ll do hardcore editorial mentoring in craft, structure, pacing, and creating a compelling read, regardless of genre.

1 Month Mentoring
1 Month Mentoring
Mentoring will include two forty-five minute calls (which may be recorded) and up to 6 email correspondences.